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Clipping Path

Clipping in image editing reveals that even within boundaries, creativity thrives. It is the act of defining limits that allows us to see beyond them, unlocking the true essence of an image and revealing its infinite potential. Through the art of clipping in Photoshop, we are reminded that the power of the imagination knows no bounds.

Clipping Path

Clipping path/masking is a fundamental technique in photo editing that allows for precise control over image backgrounds and objects. At Retouch Master, we recognize the importance of clipping path/masking and use it extensively in our editing process. This technique enables us to remove unwanted elements from images, change backgrounds, and isolate objects for further editing. With our skilled team and advanced tools, we can produce seamless and flawless results, ensuring that your images look their best. Trust Retouch Master to utilize the power of clipping path/masking to transform your images with expertly executed clipping path/masking. Our pricing is based on how complex the image to be clipped.

  • 100% Clean edge 
  • High accurate 
  • Retouch light reflection on object
  • Remove color cast
  • And much more


Enhance photos to make them look more professional.

At Retouch Master, we understand that having the right background can make or break your product images. That's why our expert team provides professional photo retouching and background removal services to help your products stand out from the crowd. Whether it's removing distractions, changing the background entirely, or creating a new setting, we use advanced techniques to ensure your products are showcased in the best possible light. With our unique approach to photo editing, you can trust Retouch Master to help you create images that truly capture the essence of your brand. Contact us today to learn more about our background removal and photo retouching services.


Beat competitors with visually-appetizing photos.

Our handmade clipping path gives client more room to work on the photos and enhance them further. We can separate the colors or create multiple paths so you can work on different segments. Just tell us how you would like your images to be clipped and we will do it and deliver the order on time so your project will not be delayed.

  • Delivered as Clipping Paths
  • Delivered as Alpha Channels


Retouch Master's ghost mannequin image editing service is the ultimate solution for businesses who want to wow their customers with stunning product images.

Our expert team uses advanced techniques to remove the background and create a 3D-like effect that showcases your products' features and details. 
Simply send us your product images and let us do the rest. 

  • Retouch wrinkles, dirt and keep the texture of the fabric.
  • Balance the shape of the clothing through adjustments.
  • Correcting color and much more ...
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Don't settle for average product images, choose our unique and lovely ghost mannequin image editing service to elevate your brand and stand out from the competition. Contact Retouch Master today to get started!

How we works

Retouch Master workflow



Place your order with link of images and write detailed instructions.



Our professional support team will promptly acknowledge the order.



Processing the order quickly and efficiently with double checks to ensure the best quality.



We will choose your most suitable method to transfer the image files.



When you're happy with finished files , it's easy to make the payment.



We always strive for the best customer experience, so your review is very important with us.

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